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The Spirit of Christmas

  The Spirit of Christmas I am often asked why I, as a grown adult, love Christmas so much. The answer to that is this: In a war-torn world (and I don’t just mean military battles…I mean battles between families, individuals, races, genders, political parties, religions, and even those that are waged in one’s own heart and mind), for one short moment in time - Christmas time - everyone treats their fellow man and themselves with a little more grace, a little more respect, and a little more kindness. Opponents lay down their arms - both physical and metaphorical - to abide, almost involuntarily, by the God-given promise of “peace on earth, good will to men.” For a short time, people put the welfare of others before themselves, and seek to be at peace with themselves and mankind.    Perhaps the greatest example of this in modern history occurred on December 24, 1914, along parts of the war-torn Western front of Europe during WWI, when the Allied and German forces called, what later becam

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