Decking the Halls

You know that one house in town that has Christmas stuff put up the day after – or, hey, who am I kidding, the week before – Halloween?  Well, welcome to our house! 😁 Aside from the fact that November through January is the busiest time of year at the newspaper office and we don’t really have more than a day or two off work together between Halloween and Christmas, we love the ambiance and the feeling of coziness that Christmas decorations bring to our home. And our cats love the warmth and shelter that the Christmas trees offer, and, after all, it’s all about keeping them happy, right? 😉
I figure you have to do what works for you.  Don’t apologize for it, and don’t let naysayers steal your joy. 
*steps off soapbox* 
Believe it or not, we don’t spend much money on decorations. Most of our trees are either garage sale and Craigslist finds or were given to us by friends who upgrade their trees.  All of the garland throughout the house is five-dollar Walmart garland.  We just added lights and ribbon.  Garage sales and auctions are great places to find Christmas decorations, both new and antique (my favorite).
There’s nothing cozier than curling up with a good book or a Christmas movie and hot chocolate by a Christmas tree.  Why limit the joy to just four weeks out of the year?  Enjoy the season, whenever and however you choose to celebrate it.



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